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Trustees Message (January 2023)

Breadfruit Project (Cape Coast, Ghana)

Breadfruit Line Trustees are pleased to report that our original breadfruit project has concluded successfully – over 700 trees have been planted across 36 farming community sites across Cape Coast, Ghana. The farmers are now harvesting their first crops! Our project has demonstrated that, in the right locations, breadfruit can become a viable, more reliable and nutritious source of food and income for impoverished communities.

Support to Those Affected by the War in Ukraine

Our work to support those affected by the war in Ukraine has also concluded now after multiple successful trips to deliver aid to those in need, both within Ukraine and on its border with Poland.

Thank you to all our supporters who helped us reach our goal, we could not have achieved this without your support.

What’s Next?
For personal reasons, Breadfruit Line Trustees have decided to cease further charity work. Remaining funds will be distributed to our project representatives and the Breadfruit Line charity will be closed in March 2023.